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Sustainable Development in the Forest Products Industry

Fernando Caldeira

Sustainable development in the Forest Products Industry explores the origins of sustainability as they apply to agriculture, forestry, and forest products. Global timber supply and demand are investigated in light of the current economic downturn. The biorefinery concept is presented as it applies to biomass fractionation and utilization. Energy demands and the role biomass can add to energy needs are reviewed. Recycling of wood, taking into account contaminates that are included are reviewed and the use of recycled wood for composites, wood-thermoplastic composites and value-added bio-materials are covered. To extend the life expectancy of wood-based materials, wood durability and stability without toxicity is introduced. The use of bio-resources as filter aids to remove contaminates from water are covered. Finally, there is a chapter on waste management. The book provides knowledge, backed by tables, electron micrographs, and thorough references to light the path to sustainability that has been obscured by our infatuation with fossil fuels. The concept of Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Refuse, and, Respect are adhered throughout the book. The book is full of ideas, tools, perspectives, and historical data. When we tug on a piece of nature, we find it is connected to everything else! If only for this essential concept this book would be a good college textbook for engineers, scientists, and environmentalists. With knowledge comes the responsibility to act. This book provides the former.
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